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: Coca-Cola launches limited-edition drink inspired by gaming

Coca-Cola Co. has introduced its latest limited-edition beverage, this one inspired by gaming: Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, which the drinks giant describes as having a “bright, upfront taste” and “refreshing finish.”

The drink is launching in Latin America on Monday in limited quantities and select countries. It will be available online in the U.S. on May 2. It will launch in China on May 23.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte is the second release from the Coca-Cola Creations innovation hub. The first, Coca-Cola Starlight, aimed to evoke campfires and space travels.

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte will also have an island created in Fortnite Creative called Pixel Point where guests can play four different games — The Castle, The Escape, The Race and The Tower — in the metaverse. Players can interact with each other in each game. The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte can can also be scanned for an augmented reality game.


new drink is the latest in a number of products across the consumer space to jump into the metaverse. Wendy’s Co.

launched its first virtual restaurant on April 2, Wendyverse, offering games and deals on real-world menu items.

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Coca-Cola stock has gained 18.6% over the past year, outpacing the Dow Jones Industrial Average, which is up 5


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