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In One Chart: Majority of Americans want Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the Supreme Court, polls show

A majority of Americans want judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the Supreme Court, according to several polls.

A recent Gallup poll, which was taken in early March before this week’s confirmation hearings, shows that 58% of Americans say they want the U.S. Senate to confirm Judge Jackson. The support among Americans for Jackson’s confirmation is one of the highest for a SCOTUS nominee since 1987, according to Gallup.


Gallup says it took polls measuring support for all Supreme Court nominees since 1987, with the exceptions of current Justices Anthony Kennedy, David Souter and Breyer, as well as Douglas Ginsburg — who withdrew shortly after he was nominated, and before he could face a confirmation hearing.

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Among the nominees named in the poll, Jackson’s 58% “in favor” value is the second highest — she only trails now-current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts.

The poll sampled 1,017 American adults, and has a margin of sampling error of four percentage points.

The poll trackers at FiveThirtyEight note that, for weeks now, anywhere from a plurality to a majority of Americans have said that they support confirming Jackson. A Monmouth University poll taken March 10-14 found 55% of those surveyed support Jackson’s confirmation, for example, while a Quinnipiac poll taken during the same time frame found that 52% want to see her on the Supreme Court. A poll from The Economist-YouGov taken between March 19-22 showed a 42% approval rating, compared to 25% who oppose. And a Morning Consult-Politico poll taken March 18-21 found 47% support Jackson’s confirmation and 19% oppose it, with the remaining respondents having “no opinion.”

Jackson was nominated by President Joe Biden February making good on his campaign promise to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court.

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