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Lawler: CoreLogic Home Purchases by Non-Investors and Investors

by Calculated Risk on 4/19/2022 03:14:00 PM

From housing economist Tom Lawler:

Below is a table showing CoreLogic’s data on home purchases (using its extensive property records database) for different “sized” investors – “small” (3-9 properties owned), “mid-sized” (10-99 properties owned), and “large” (100+ properties owned), as well as for non-investors by quarter. Recall the CoreLogic defines “investor” as follows:

“Using CoreLogic’s public records data, we define an investor as an entity (individual or corporate) who retained three or more properties simultaneously within the past 10 years.”

Click on graph for larger image.

This definition, by the way, may exclude a fair number of very small investor purchases who own only one or two investor properties.

Note that in the second half of last year total home purchases were down just 3.1% from the second half of 2020, while non-investor purchases were down 14.4%.

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