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Americans of all ages are failing at financial literacy

Those with decades more experience are only slightly more literate than those in their 20s Read More

Stocks tanked in the first quarter, and new research shows there should be a reversal by the end of June

Target date funds are changing the structure of the stock market, says Vincent Deluard at investment firm StoneX. Read More

It’s complicated: The Fed’s actions and the stock market have an unpredictable relationship

The ABCs of what the Fed’s QT really means for stocks and investors now. Read More

Meme stocks are back, and you should run, not walk, the other way

Stellar gains don’t compensate investors for extraordinary volatility. Read More

This stock market is showing a frustrating lack of follow-through

The intermediate trend for the S&P 500 still appears to be down. Read More

20 high-volatility stocks you might want to avoid in a hair-trigger market

Most are disruptive innovators with share prices that are especially threatened as interest rates rise. Read More

Inflation is raging, but these 16 companies have pricing power

High inflation threatens to end a decade of improving profitability for U.S. companies, but these companies are bucking the trend. Read More

Even if stocks rise in the months ahead, the market has limited upside potential

The Federal Reserve has created a serious headwind for investors. Read More

Investors are fearful now, but for stocks to rally they’ll need more pain. It’s coming.

The point of maximum pessimism — a bullish signal — hasn’t been reached. Read More

The energy independence of the U.S. and its allies is an enduring tailwind for oil and gas stocks

Energy stocks are cheaply valued despite a big runup this year. Read More

The silver lining of surging inflation: I-bond yields should climb above 9%

Should you buy now or wait until the rate resets in May? Read More

Emerging markets stocks with a host of tailwinds are poised to outperform U.S. equities

There are five mega trends in emerging economies, say the managers of the Wasatch Emerging Markets Select Investor Fund. Read More

‘The news is constantly reminding young folks that they are not getting ahead.’ But does a 19-year-old really need a financial adviser?

Young people turn to financial planners to make sure they’re off to a good start as adults. Read More

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