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Market pros are feeling so happy about stocks right now, you have to wonder if they’re too bullish

The market’s technical factors scream ‘all-systems-go.’ The fundamentals? Not so much. Read More

The S&P 500 is flashing signs that the bear market finally could be over

Low volatility and other factors are generating bullish signals for the U.S. stock market. Read More

Many companies try to blame their poor earnings on the U.S. dollar. Don’t believe it.

Using currency fluctuation to time the stock market is a losing bet. Read More

‘Please have some fixed income’: Why ETF investors poured capital into bonds, international stocks in January

Asset flows into exchange-traded funds were a bit unusual last month, according to Elisabeth Kashner, director of global fund analytics at FactSet. Read More

Why NFTs saw $941 million in trading volume in January – the highest since June 2022

In a report from DappRadar, an online store for decentralized applications, 2023 began with a strong comeback for nonfungible tokens. Read More

Crypto is a ‘gambling contract’ not a currency and should be banned, says Charlie Munger

Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, said the U.S. should follow China’s footsteps and ban cryptocurrencies in an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal. Read More

These five-star stock funds can help you play the semiconductor rebound, as well as AI and 5G build-outs

Sylvia Jablonksi of Defiance ETFs describes two investment strategies that include chip makers but also other companies working on cutting-edge technology. Read More

‘It’s payback time.’ U.S. stocks have been a no-brainer moneymaker for years — but those days are over.

5 ways to stay on top of a topsy-turvy stock market and come out ahead. Read More

What the ‘January Trifecta’ in the stock market is really telling us

Wall Street since Christmas has experienced a Santa Claus Rally, a positive first five trading days of the year, and a strong January. Read More

Brace for ‘tinderbox-timebomb’ market crash worse than 1929, hedge fund manager says

Universa CIO Mark Spitznagel told investors in its latest letter to brace for a market crash resembling the 1930’s Great Depression as debt balloons globally. Read More

Short-selling legend Jim Chanos hints at risk of bear market unlike anything he’s experienced since starting on the Street in 1980

The market will not be able to overcome rising interest rates and waning corporate profitability, notable short seller Jim Chanos says. Read More

Bond investing 101: What to know as the Fed sticks to its inflation fight

After a catastrophic year, bonds in 2023 are looking promising again for investors as U.S. inflation recedes. Read More

What the Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl matchup can tell us about the stock market

The Super Bowl Predictor and what it might say about this year’s big game. Read More

These 2 dividend-stock ETFs are more like growth funds in disguise. Can either still work in your income portfolio?

Quality-stock and dividend-focused strategies shined during the market declines of 2022. One such fund is also designed to perform well in all markets. Read More

Tech stocks have been minting money this year, but many investors fear getting burned if they buy the rally now

These 3 tech giants have stood out in this earnings season — with mixed market reactions. Read More

Risk-tolerance surveys often miss what financial advisers really need to know about you

‘Clients’ attitude toward risk definitely changes with different market conditions,’ one adviser says. Read More

‘It’s addictive; it’s seductive, and you can destroy your future.’ Keep ‘fun money’ from ruining your investment plan.

Investors cherish their “fun money” to travel, buy crypto or make other risky bets. Advisers have strong opinions on how to spend (or not spend) that money. Read More

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