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: Need to get a grip on your financial life? Join MarketWatch’s Mastering Your Money special event today.

With global inflation at levels unseen in perhaps a generation and markets unsettled by geopolitical trauma and other factors, it’s time, more than ever, to get smart about your money. It’s time, too, for MarketWatch’s two-day Mastering Your Money special event, which continues Thursday at 1 p.m. Eastern time.

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Notable guests at the event, joining expert moderators from MarketWatch, include Nicole Smith, chief economist at Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce; Liz Young, head of investment strategy at SoFi; Betsy Mayotte, president of the Institute of Student Loan Advisors; Danielle Hale, chief economist at; Daryl Fairweather, Redfin’s chief economist; Fritz Gilbert, the author of “The Retirement Manifesto”; and Mark Kantrowitz, who wrote “How to Appeal for More College Financial Aid.”

Day 1 of Mastering Your Money featured a breakdown by financial experts and the MarketWatch team of the numbers and perspectives that constitute sound personal-finance practices, touching on everything from the recent rise in interest rates to the current state of student loans to the imperatives of investing during an uncertain time. Interactive programming included a Financial Face-Off, which pits competing financial decisions against each other to determine which is the wiser course of action.

On Thursday, don’t miss the latest Moneyist Live episode, in which popular MarketWatch columnist Quentin Fottrell makes quick work of even the thorniest of real-life financial dilemmas and fields questions from the Mastering Your Money audience.

Other Thursday topics include the latest expert perspectives on the U.S. housing market, the most important considerations for today’s job seeker, and the current best practices for formulating 401(k) and retirement goals.

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