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Personal Finance Daily: Could China be the next investment market to be canceled? and Six things worth knowing about daylight-saving time

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Emma Stone Sells West Village Condo for $2.25M

Emma Stone has sold one of her New York City apartments at a loss. The West Village pied-a-terre changed hands in December 2021 for $2.25 million. Read More

NASCAR Champ Tony Stewart’s $30M Ranch Is Most Expensive Home in Indiana

Even race car drivers need to slow down occasionally. Read More

‘His wife is greedy and self-centered’: My father doesn’t have a will. How do I prevent my stepmother from taking over his entire estate when he’s gone?

‘My stepsister is very sweet and would split things as equally as possible, if she could make that choice.’ Read More

Follow these tips from experts to create a calming and practical home office

Gone are the days of the forgotten guest bedroom and dusty study. The home office is no longer a single room, but one setting in a day filled with interactions, multi-tasking and recharging.  Read More

Weekend reads: Could China be the next investment market to be canceled?

Also, inflation, financial markets and fuel prices, and the latest meme stock. Read More

My wife and I have $750,000 in savings and earn over $144,000 a year. Can we afford to spend $5,000 per month on housing?

‘I don’t feel that we can or should afford to pay 45% of our take home income towards housing when we have a baby on the way.’ Read More

When we do we change our clocks? Six things worth knowing about daylight-saving time

We spring forward one hour this weekend. The practice has been in place for more than a century in the U.S., but there’s talk of doing away with it. Read More

‘More people, nurses and doctors, were coming into his room.’ How a father became an advocate for his gravely ill baby.

A financial adviser’s newborn son developed life-threatening complications shortly after birth. Here’s what you can learn from the family’s ordeal. Read More

The new 2022 Kia Carnival is roomy enough for your big family, small team, or garage band

Kia’s all-new spacious minivan seats up to eight and has class-leading interior and cargo space and a versatile interior. Read More

Avoid these mistakes on your business loan application and boost your chances of approval

Here are three common mistakes to avoid when applying for capital for your small business. Read More

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