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Personal Finance Daily: ‘The housing market faces an inflection point’ and how to check on your tax refund

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The IRS has already issued 70 million refunds — here’s how you can check on yours this Tax Day

The average federal income tax refund is $3,175 as of early April, the IRS says. Read More

Rattled by rising interest rates and house prices, Americans are less sure they’ll be able to own their next home

Renters have grown pessimistic about their ability to purchase a home as the cost of housing soars. Read More

‘The housing market faces an inflection point’: Home-builder confidence declines as interest rates rise

‘It doesn’t help that soaring house prices also eroded affordability.’ Read More

The 2022 Nissan Frontier: This smaller work truck is versatile, with on- and off-road gumption

This compact midsize Nissan pickup is not too big and not too small and looks like it’s been chiseled from a single block. Read More

Why paying down debt is the best use of your tax refund

There are a number of advantages to using the money to reduce your debt, and it doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun. Read More

The weird new logic of booking flights

Lessons and insights after two years of change and uncertainty in the travel industry. Read More

‘The graveyard shift is the most understaffed:’ I wait tables on the Las Vegas Strip. Our drunk customers often don’t tip. How can I persuade my boss to add a service charge?

‘You’re required to take tables no matter the size of the party. A party can be 4 to 25 persons.’ Read More

Financial Face-Off: Should you use your tax refund to buy I bonds or crypto? One of these options could get a 9.6% return. Let us explain.

A debate for Tax Day. Read More

What’s open on Easter?

Are banks and post offices open on Good Friday? What restaurants are open on Easter? Here’s a guide to what’s open and closed over the Easter holiday weekend. Read More

Tax Day is here for most Americans — but people in these states have extra time to file

The IRS has already received more than 91 million individual tax returns Read More

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