Latest News Can Mark Wahlberg Really Get $87.5M for His Beverly Hills Estate?

Mark Wahlberg is departing from his Beverly Hills, CA, home. The sumptuous spread was just listed for a whopping $87.5 million, according to TMZ.

The actor scooped up the North Beverly Park property in 2009 for a mere $8.25 million. He then tapped architect Richard Landry to design a lavish European-style manor. Landry has worked with a number of celebrities on megamansions and has designed homes for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.

In a 2015 profile, Landry recalled his collaboration with Wahlberg: “When he called me, he said, ‘Richard, I’ve been following you for years. I’m so glad now you can do my house.’”

Landry added, “What a nice guy. We had so much fun.”

Priced to sell?

It’s quite the spread, but will the price fly?

“I do think the property will set a record for Beverly Park when it sells,” says Cara Ameer, an agent with Coldwell Banker licensed in California and Florida.

Wahlberg has “amassed a tremendous amount of equity over a little more than a decade, especially over the last two years with the rapid acceleration of values during the pandemic real estate boom,” says Ameer.

And COVID-19 also plays a part in this mansion’s appeal, according to Ameer. With this property, you don’t ever really need to leave the grounds.

“Like many luxury celebrity estates, it is a megacompound designed to be the ultimate hangout, or a secluded retreat when you need it to be,” she adds. “It checks all the boxes for the wealthy mogul who wants a self-contained estate.”

But will a buyer pay $87.5 million? That’s what Wahlberg wants to find out.

The asking price was aspirational for Sylvester Stallone‘s mansion, which was in the same gated community. It was listed for $110 million in February 2021, and eventually sold to Adele for $58 million.

Perhaps Stallone’s bold move inspired Wahlberg.

“With that price, I think Wahlberg is testing the market at this point,” says Arvin Haddad with The Agency, who also opines on luxury real estate on TikTok. “Sometimes great sales in the neighborhood motivate people who are not really sellers to put it out there.”

While the Wahlberg estate is undoubtedly huge, it “lacks views,” notes Haddad. “What it does have going for it is 30,000 square feet. It’s truly a compound. He has all the bells and whistles that some of the [other] properties didn’t have.”

Let’s take a look inside.

Ritzy residence

Located in the gated community of North Beverly Park, the 6.2-acre lot is anchored by a 30,000-square-foot estate with 12 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms.

Mark Wahlberg’s Beverly Hills, CA, home

The mansion opens with a two-story entry and double staircases. Highlights include a living room with multiple sets of French doors, a two-story library/office, a home theater, a wine cellar, and a huge gym.

Entry with double staircases

Living room

Dining room

Two-story, wood-paneled office

Double-island kitchen

Home theater

The landscaped grounds include huge lawns, a five-hole golf course, a tennis court, a grotto pool, and a guesthouse.


While there’s no denying Wahlberg’s estate is ultraspectacular, is the sky-high price justified?

Maybe not. An equally grand property just down the block from Wahlberg’s estate was sold last year at auction for $51 million. It was asking $160 million.

“It’s more in the $60 million range,” says Haddad. But when it comes to luxury real estate pricing, “crazier things have happened.”

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