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From MarketWatch:

A retired nurse lost $43,000 to bitcoin – watch out for red flags online: It wasn’t the investment that made her lose her life savings, but rather a scam

4 big expenses you should factor in for retirement: There should be a lot of analysis before jumping into retirement, and cash flow is by far one of the most important. When estimating your budget, consider these costs. 

I no longer drive and want to retire in a highly walkable urban area with many cultural activities – where should I go?: Not sure where to spend your days in retirement? Ask MarketWatch

Also on MarketWatch:

This is how much you made if you bought into the oil crash 2 years ago 

We’re an outdoorsy family looking for a ‘funky’ town where we can eventually retire. Where should we go?

Three things to take care of when you retire – your future self will thank you for it 

Millennials have solved the retirement crisis 

Retired and bored or – worse yet – boring? Try this 

6 things to consider before you move in retirement

Is your inner voice keeping you up at night? Here’s how to tame the chatter in your head 

More in retirement news:

The strains retirement put on my marriage – and how it survived (The Wall Street Journal)

When financial cheating hurts your retirement plan (The New York Times

Alabama man pretended to be his dead father to defraud retirement system of $132,646, feds say (

How would “Secure 2.0” change retirement savings plans? (

America’s homeless ranks graying as more retire on streets (The Journal Record)

How Congress plans to buoy your retirement savings (KY3)

Research and Insight:

3 reasons you should reconsider an early retirement (The Motley Fool)

Survey shows half of Americans don’t have enough retirement saved to maintain quality of life (Fatherly)

Bad retirement savers expect to die young (ThinkAdvisor)
Top reasons workers think they’ll never be able to retire (401K Specialist)

Her home purchase builds children’s wealth (Center for Retirement Research at Boston College)

To share with your family, friends and clients:

Can you find love after 65?

How to thrive in retirement 

Gas is going up, but this is how inflation really hurts older Americans 

Why are Social Security disability rolls declining? 

Financial literacy is low across all generations – the school of hardknocks is failing 

To boost retirement accounts, talk of saving pennies of every dollar, not a percentage of wages What can you do if you are disinherited? Here are 5 reasons to challenge a will

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