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"Unpacking builders’ market sentiment with Rick Palacios"

by Calculated Risk on 4/08/2022 10:46:00 AM

This is a very informative podcast on the impact of higher mortgage rates on new home builders: Unpacking builders’ market sentiment with Rick Palacios. In the podcast, Housing Wire CEO Clayton Collins interviews Rick Palacios Jr., the director of research, at John Burns Real Estate Consulting about the findings in their March new home builder survey.
Here is a tweet from Rick about the survey results:

“Pretty clear shift in builder tone this month across our survey”

Here are a couple of quotes from Rick in the podcast:

“On the entry level side, that is the part of the market that always feels it first when rates start to climb, and we definitely saw that [in the March survey]”
emphasis added

And on an early indicator:

“There are always early indicators of price declines on the new home side, and one of the earliest indicators is lot premiums going way. … When the market starts to pull back, those lot premiums start to shrink pretty quickly. And those are some of the comments we’ve been picking up [in the March survey]. Which again, big picture, now versus a year ago, that is a total shift.”

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